Residential Service

At GL Pools, we know that you take pride in your home and your property and that's why our experienced and knowledgeable team will partner with you in assuring that your pool and spa stay balanced and well maintained year round.

We have four residential service plans to ensure that we are able to accommodate your specific needs:

Photo by Davizro/iStock / Getty Images

Weekly Full Service

Our most popular plan. An experienced technician will visit your home once a week to perform the following tasks:

  • Balance the chemicals

  • Skim and vacuum the dust and debris

  • Brush the tile and walls

  • Empty the baskets

  • Monitor the equipment to assure that it is functioning properly and efficiently

CHem plus Service

Every week, we will be there to balance the chemicals, check/empty the baskets, and monitor the equipment. Once a month, we will provide all of the additional tasks included in our weekly full service plan.

Chem Service

An experienced technician will come once a week to balance the chemicals in your pool or spa, and empty the baskets as necessary.

Seasonal Service

During the summer months, your pool requires more attention than it does during the other months of the year. With this plan, we provide weekly full service from May-October and, as it cools down, provide our chem plus service from November-April.